For the Love of Pasta

Monday, June 27, 2016

I’ve always dreamed of being one of those pasta prodigies who can just pull out never ending strands of spaghetti effortlessly and with their eyes closed. So, when I found out about the House of Peroni pasta making class, my eyes lit up and I hoped I was one step closer to being the Princess of Penne that I was born to be. 

Upon arriving at The House of Peroni, I immediately felt like I’d crossed over to a different continent. Italian speaking servers brushed past me with trays of crudo and as the breeze blew the scent of brick oven pizza in my direction, it made eye contact with me, and I got even more excited for the impending carbocide. 

I was lead through a small courtyard to where the class would take place and was greeted by fellow passionate pasta students and two lovely pasta professors, the ladies behind Burro e Salvia, a cafe in Shoreditch serving the freshest of pasta. One of the ladies offered me a Negroni, which goes surprisingly well with the labour of kneading dough. She then lead me to my pasta making place, which included all of the ingredients and tools I needed to make pasta perfection, which was actually comfortingly very few. 

I found myself feeling like a kid at nursery again, asking if I was doing it ‘right’ and was always assured I was doing great, a kind of coddling I didn’t think I would need as a trained chef (who clearly wasn’t paying attention on pasta making week) in a cooking lesson for amateur chefs. 

We successfully learned to make our own Farfalle, Fettucini and a few others but I won’t give you too many spoilers. As if I wasn’t excited enough already, we were finally rewarded for all our efforts with a bevy of pasta bowls with pesto and purple potatoes, one for each of us. All in all, this was a perfect evening and I highly recommend it for a weeknight activity or date night. 

You have three more days to try and become an expert yourself and if not, there’s always next year! 

Class is £32 per person.